Ćatić, Musa Ćazim



Your eyes


My life is dark and deep room
Where the day's light, rarely, comes -
There, in the vase of heart, at the silent space -
The stern flowers grow without the strength and the sap.

Only sometimes that somnolent look of yours, Nidjar -
Like sun's ray from the high sky,
Comes to the window of my eye with all the power
To the room of life and feeds my flowers.

Then, all of my room is full of shine
And the flowers got the all-fascinating colors,
Like Amour joining them in the rainbow with the tears.

And you can feel their smell everywhere.
Your blue eyes have the all power in the world, Nidjar -
When they seating such a magical wonders!

Prevela: Maida Kulić


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